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ArcSoft MediaConverter is a software that can encode between various video formats, including AVI, ASF, 3GP, FLV and MKV
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BoinxTV version 1.4 now fully supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). It also introduces lots of behind–the–scenes changes that will yield into great new features. One immediate benefit is that saving of recorded movies is now almost instantaneous. Additional workflow improvements in the export dialog speed up work even more. New layers for iPhone demos, Axis Network camera access and Quick Look images allow for even greater variability of sources. * The whole recording engine has been rewritten for better extensibility. As an immediate benefit, video and audio of movies no longer has to be combined after recording. Depending on the length of your recording this may save you lots of waiting time. * There is now an action menu next to recorded movie in the export dialog offering common options like opening and showing the movie, renaming it immediately or moving it to the Trash. This can be helpful to rename good takes or delete mistakes. The whole export dialog can also be reset from there in case you want to run a second export in a row. * Start date and time will now be added to the file name of recordings to make them easier to differentiate when recording multiple takes. * Templates are now visually grouped into those provided by BoinxTV, by the current user and by the central location for the computer. * Layers o Quick Look layer. This layer enables you to bring any single page document type that can be previewed via Quick Look into BoinxTV and position it in 3D space. For multi-page documents you will only be able to see the first page. o AXIS network camera layer. This layer is similar to a Placer, but accesses an AXIS network camera to display camera frames. o iPhone layer. Use this layer to play your iPhone screen movies in a realistic environment. If you happen to have a specifically prepared iPhone you can also use a real phone as input device. o Sports Standings layer. Displays typical sports results in tabular form. Data is read from a XML file. o The RSS crawler now updates its feed without having to be deactivated and reactivated. o Added an option to the Stop Watch layer to reset the clock when you turn the layer on. o In version 1.3 custom background images on the Lower Thirds layer were potentially squashed on one axis, they are now scaled proportionally again. o The Placer with Transition layer now behaves as it was intended to, and no longer ignores its parameter settings. o The Presenter layer would sometimes not disable itself correctly. o Several minor layer improvements not mentioned above. * You can now set the default recording format (Codec) in the General Preferences, as the previous method was too hidden. * There is a new option to keep the preview windows (both layer and output preview) on top. Acess it from the View menu or the gear menu in the preview windows. * Added a new export AppleScript that calls Levelator to optimize audio volume on the recorded movie. Get Levelator from The Conversations Network. * The LIVE state of the selected setting in the left column is now indicated through a red color in the header. * Added tooltips (aka. help tags) to several UI elements. * Added X Position parameter to Zodiac Signs layer. * If there are no documents open, you can now edit the names of devices in the preferences. * Decreased document loading time. Delayed loading of Quick Look previews and other images for snappier operation. * The document loading progress bar now shows how far you are through the loading process. * The output preview no longer displays the "Engine Paused" message when being paused, only the pause button is highlighted and the layer preview shows a message. * If you are running on Leopard, BoinxTV now requires Mac OS X 10.5.7, which brings some critical fixes. * Updated the built-in iMedia browser for iTunes 9 support. * If saving the recorded movie fails you now get a reasonable error message. * Some code optimizations for G5 processors. Please report if you are actually using BoinxTV on a G5. Coincidentally, BoinxTV should no longer start at all on PPC G4. * BoinxTV is now more robust in cases where you do not have write access to the designated folder for saving recordings, or it didn't exist any more. * You are now prevented from toggling the “Record to Disk” option in the middle of a recording. Doing this was a Bad Idea! * When you are recording a fixed–length show to a disk without enough free space for the whole show, the document now keeps track of how far into the show you had recorded when the disk became full. * Resolved various Snow Leopard issues. * Lots of bug fixes in the export dialog. * Heaps of other fixes and small visual improvements.
Price: $499
Filesize: 36.62MB

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