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ArcSoft's Perfect365 is a free photo-editing application that is optimized for retouching, airbrushing, and enhancing portraits and other facial shots
Email Password Recovery Master lets users recover email account passwords that have been cached by popular email clients

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SuperDuper is described as a handy, smart and effective program that makes recovery painless, because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless
Price: $27.95
Filesize: 2.90 MB

VisualRoute is described as an advanced yet easy to use software application for home users to test their Internet connectivity.
Price: USD 49.95
Filesize: 4.40 MB

ShareTool is such a professionally designed and user- friendly program to remain connected to your home or office network(s) no matter where you are physically.
Price: USD 15.00
Filesize: 10.60 MB

FontAgent Pro comes to users as an advanced and useful application which will enable you to easily deliver a deluge of font management features to the Macintosh
Price: USD 99.95
Filesize: 41.80 MB

nexTab comes as a simple yet effective and helpful program which enables you quickly switch, close and open new tabs with magic trackpad in most applications, hold one or two fingers and tap another finger, done.
Price: USD 0.99
Filesize: 204 KB

Carbon Copy Cloner is developed to be an enhanced as well as helpful tool which offers fast, incremental backups that copy only items that differ from the last backup, as well as checksum analysis of your backed up files, archiving and archive management, and backup task scheduling.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 4.60 MB

Things is launched to be a helpful and smart program which lets you easily focus without ever switching view modes or wrapping your head around filter criteria.
Price: USD 49.99
Filesize: 9.10 MB

Disk Drill is regarded as a convenient as well as simple to use Mac Data Recovery Software that recovers data from HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS & other file systems right on your Mac.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 22.72 MB

StuffIt Expander is made to be a smart and proper program that helps you Access StuffIt files, uncompress Zip archives, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 29.44 MB

Dropbox is made to be a smart and proper program which will make secure backup, sync and sharing a lot easier than ever before.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 18.37 MB