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Email Password Recovery Master lets users recover email account passwords that have been cached by popular email clients
TotalMedia Theatre 5 is a media player that is designed for playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high-definition files on local machines or videos on a UPnP server and online

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CatsCradle brings you an advanced and convenient to use tool which is designed to grab all the text from a web page, put it into a built in editor for you to translate alongside, then automatically integrate your translated localized text back into the web page - leaving all the sensitive HTML code untouched.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 169 KB

Kris Kris provides you with an effective and convenient font tool that will make any text string look like a surgeon's blade.
Price: USD 5.00
Filesize: 5 KB

WebSite Content Checker provides you with an essential program which makes it possible for you to track changes across websites you own, or just want to stay in touch with.
Price: USD 0.99
Filesize: 500 KB

RB Package Maker comes to users as an impressive and useful utility for Real Basic developers who want to prepare their Apps for the Mac App Store.
Price: USD 12.99
Filesize: 4.3 MB

Lua is released as an impressive and useful scripting language which combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 246 KB

JumpBox for Trac comes to users as an advanced and useful application which provides you with a powerful combination of applications for software project management.
Price: USD 199.99
Filesize: 182.7 MB

TreeFrog is described as a highly flexible, feature-rich C++ framework for developing Web applications.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 149 KB

360Works RemoteScripter is released as an impressive and useful application which will help you remotely trigger FileMaker scripts on another computer.
Price: USD 95.00
Filesize: 882 KB

Sandra brings users the opportunities of using an effective font style that allows you to quickly give a modern, rounded, slightly abstract effect to any text string.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 10 KB

Afterpy provides you with a versatile and functional software which is able to visualize program running states.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 16.8 MB